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TAZZ Sportswear: Just the Beginning

TAZZ Sportswear is an "up and coming" school spirit wear company. Company owners, 15 year olds Adam Wolf and Tim Brandl are two secondary school students at Central S.S. in London, Ontario. Being that they are in secondary school, they understand extremely well the expectations students have for their spirit wear. As a result, they are able to tailor to these needs. When we began the company two years ago, we were involved in the process of researching and acquiring knowledge regarding business and commerce. As we went, we carefully documented and recorded our work. In the end, we completed a business plan and slide-show presentation and were able to gain a new understanding of the "business world." Since then, we have worked with many different schools, teams and organizations, providing them with quality garments, ranging from t-shirts to visors.

At TAZZ, We Stand For ONLY the Best!

At TAZZ Sportswear, we take pride in being able to cater to your school or organization’s needs when it comes to spirit wear. There are many spirit wear companies in the market. However, we at TAZZ will do our very best to ensure the highest possible quality, with competitive pricing for your spirit wear while creating fresh designs and graphics. Our main concern is you, the customer, and providing the best product and service. We hope to become a well respected sportswear company and a force in the spirit wear market. With your help, we can accomplish this and help make your school one of the best looking schools or clubs out there!

What We Believe

Clothing is how you identify yourself. At TAZZ, we strive to create your school or organization’s own identity. By putting your school or club first, we believe that we can not only create a t-shirt, but create a t-shirt tailored for you. Using only the highest quality garments, we are able to screen-print, embroider, sew, puff the exact design you wish at a competitive price.

At TAZZ, we believe you come first.

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